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Selected publications: (underlined Plemel lab trainees)

Rawji KS, Young ADM, Ghosh T, Michaels NJ, Mirzaei R, Kolehmainen KL, Alaeiilkhchi N, Lozinski B, Mishra MK, Pu A, Tang W, Zein S, Kaushik DK, Keough MB, Plemel JR, Calvert F, Knights AJ, Gaffney DJ, Tetzlaff W, Franklin RJM, Yong VW. (2020) Niacin-mediated rejuvenation of macrophage/microglia enhances remyelination of the aging central nervous system. Acta Neuropathologica Feb 6 (Journal Impact Factor 18.17; PMID 32030468)

Plemel JR, Stratton JA, Michaels NJ, Rawji KS, Zhang E, Sinha S, Baaklini CS, Dong Y, Ho M, Thorburn K, Freidman TN, Jawad S, Silva C, Caprariello CV, Hoghooghi V, Yue J, Kerr BJ, Midha R, Stys PK, Biernaskie J, Yong VW. (2020) Microglia response following acute demyelination is heterogenous and limits infiltrating macrophage accumulation. Science Advances Jan 15; 6(3) DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aay6324 (Journal Impact Factor 12.8)

Duncan GJ, Manesh SB, Hilton BJ, Assinck P, Liu J, Moulson A, Plemel JR, Tetzlaff W. (2018) Locomotor recovery following contusive spinal cord injury does not require oligodendrocyte remyelination. Nature Communication 3;9(1):3066 (Journal Impact Factor 12.35; PMID: 30076300).

Baaklini CS, Rawji KS, Duncan GJ, Ho M, Plemel JR (2019) Central nervous system remyelination: roles of glia and innate immune cells. Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience Sept 19;12:225 (Journal Impact Factor 5.076; PMID 31616249)

Faissner S, Plemel JR, Gold R, Yong VW (2019) Progressive multiple sclerosis: therapeutic strategies to address the unmet clinical need. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery Aug 9 (Journal Impact Factor 47.1; PMID 31399729)

Plemel JR, Michaels N, Weishaupt, Caprariello AV, Keough MB, Rogers JA, Yukseloglu A, Lim J, Patel V, Rawji KS, Jensen SK, Teo W, Heyne B, Whitehead S, Stys PK, Yong VW. (2017) Mechanisms of lysophosphatidylcholine-induced demyelination: a primary lipid disrupting myelinopathy worsened by inadequate buffering. Glia 66(2): 327-347 (Journal Impact factor 5.997; PMID 29068088)

Micu I*, Plemel JR*, Caprariello AV*, Nave KA, Stys PK. Axo-myelinic neurotransmission: a novel mode of cell signaling in the central nervous system. (2017) Nature Reviews Neuroscience 19(1): 49-58 (Journal Impact factor 32.653; PMID: 29238086)    * These authors contributed equally

Assinck P, Duncan GJ, Plemel JR, Lee MJ, Stratton JS, Stykel MG, Bergles DE, Biernaskie J, Tetzlaff W. (2017) Myelinogenic plasticity of oligodendrocyte progenitor cells following CNS trauma. Journal of Neuroscience 37(36): 8635-8654 (Journal Impact factor 5.970; PMID: 28760862)

 Plemel JR, Liu WQ, Yong VW. (2017) Remyelination therapies: a new direction and challenge in multiple sclerosis. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. 16(9): 617-634 (Journal Impact Factor 47.1; PMID 28685761)

 Duncan GJ, Plemel JR, Assinck P, Manesh SB, Muir FGW, Hirata R, Berson M, Liu J, Wegner M, Emery B, Moore W, Tetzlaff W. (2017) Myelin regulatory factor drives remyelination in Multiple Sclerosis. Acta Neuropathologica 134(3): 403-422 (Journal Impact factor 15.872; PMID: 28631093)

Plemel JR, Caprariello AV, Keough MB, Henry TJ, Tsutsui S, Chu TH, Schenk GJ, Klaver R, Yong VW, Stys PK. (2017) Unique spectral signatures of the nucleic acid dye acridine orange can distinguish cell death by apoptosis and necroptosis. Journal of Cell Biology 216 (4): 1163-1181 (Journal Impact Factor 9.834; PMID: 28631093)

 Plemel JR, Juzwik CA, Benson CA, Monks M, Harris C, Ploughman M. (2015) Over-the-counter anti-oxidant therapies for use in multiple sclerosis: A systematic review. Multiple Sclerosis Journal 21(12) 1485-95. (Journal Impact factor 4.822; PMID: 2628700)

Plemel JR, Keough MB, Duncan GJ, Sparling JS, Yong VW, Stys PK, Tetzlaff W. (2014) Remyelination after spinal cord injury: is it a target for repair? Progress in Neurobiology 117: 54-72 (Journal Impact factor 13.177; PMID: 24582777)

Plemel JR, Manesh SB, Sparling JS, Tetzlaff W. (2013) Myelin inhibits oligodendroglial maturation and regulates oligodendrocytic transcription factor expression. Glia 61(9):1471-1487 (Journal Impact factor 5.997; PMID:23839973)

Powers BE*, Lasiene J*, Plemel JR*, Shupe L, Perlmutter SI, Tetzlaff W, Horner PJ. (2012) Axonal thinning and extensive remyelination without chronic demyelination in spinal injured rats. Journal of Neuroscience 32(15): 5120-5125 (Journal Impact factor 5.970; PMID: 22496557) * These authors contributed equally

Plemel JR, Chojnacki A, Sparling JS, Liu J, Plunet W, Park S, Weiss S, Tetzlaff W. (2011) Platelet-derived growth factor-responsive neural precursors (PRPs) give rise to myelinating oligodendrocytes after transplantation into the spinal cords of contused rats and dysmyelinated mice. Glia 59(12): 1891-1910 (Journal Impact factor 5.997; PMID:22407783)